Xiaomi will settle in the USA, but not for smartphones

The coming of Xiaomi in the United States, during a conference in San Francisco, had inevitably attracted attention and hinted at a first breakthrough in the country of Uncle Sam, but also and above all in the lands of Apple, the competitor to be overtaken in the long term with Samsung.

Still, a spokesman for the Chinese manufacturer quickly came to put an end to speculation. There was no question of launching a smartphone in the North American market, at least for the moment.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (1) The Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, the brand's new standard bearer with its SoC Snapdragon 810 and its 2K / QHD screen (click to enlarge)

During this famous conference, which took place yesterday, Xiaomi only announced one Online Store and insisted that no smartphone with its label will be offered. The platform will be exclusively dedicated to accessories such as headphones, connected wristbands or external battery.

Obviously not to enter a market where users acquire their smartphone more often from their operator than naked. This involves adapting the ROM, testing and certifying its devices and ensuring regular supplies from partners. Of constraints that we don't necessarily have by staying at home and limiting ourselves to online sales.

Before taking the plunge, Xiaomi therefore effectively sets off as a scout in order to promote your brand with users andget the first feedback.