Windows 10 ARM becomes compatible with 64-bit applications and that can change everything!

Windows 10 ARM support for x64 applications is effective. In the latest preview of Windows 10 ARM, it is already possible to launch 64-bit software, while waiting for the functionality to be integrated into a future finalized edition of the OS.

Surface Pro X Windows 10
Surface Pro X runs Windows 10 ARM. Its Microsoft SQ processor was designed with Qualcomm.

So far, under Windows 10 ARM, we have the choice between applications from the Microsoft Store, and classic 32-bit coded software. But no support for x64 applications is currently possible, which limits the repository of Windows 10 ARM accordingly.

Last October, Microsoft announced that x64 applications would soon be supported by the ARM version of Windows 10. But since then, no more information had been released by the editor of Redmond about this highly anticipated feature. slot machine Windows 10 ARM. But here it is finally: x64 emulation arrives in this somewhat special edition of Windows and could be a game-changer.

Windows 10 ARM supports 64-bit applications through an emulator

Microsoft explains that this emulation allows play rocket league or work with applications like AutoDesk’s Sketchbook. But the Redmond giant nevertheless insists on the fact that it is only an emulation, and encourages developers to adapt their applications to ARM: “as we extend the capabilities of our emulator, for the best experience possible, we recommend developers to support their applications natively on ARM64. ARM64 applications are fully supported in our Windows SDK and Visual Studio 2017 and later, and we encourage our developers to recompile their applications for ARM64. ”

We are now waiting to see the real performance of such an emulation to really judge its interest. As a reminder, Windows 10 ARM is the OS that equips the Surface Pro X. For the moment and despite the announcements of the manufacturers, it is the only device equipped with Windows 10 ARM which is officially marketed in France (but since little!). Support for x64 applications is a new feature that could allow other manufacturers to embark on the adventure, once the entire Windows 10 ecosystem is then supported by Windows 10 ARM.

This new feature is available to Program users Windows Insider, which is completely free if you have a valid Windows 10 license. Microsoft does not give any indication as to the availability date on the finalized version of Windows 10 ARM.

Source: Microsoft