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a driver found and stopped by the gendarmerie

a driver found and stopped by the gendarmerie

Not everything is good to share on Facebook, and even less when it comes to affixing one's identity alongside proof of various crimes or offenses. A motorist in his thirties will soon appear before the criminal court of Puy-en-Velay after the gendarmerie has found fairly special publications on his Facebook profile.

Facebook gendarmerie. The man in question thus multiplied the sharing of photos of his car. Some carried out from the cockpit displayed blatant speeding. Following several alerts reported by Internet users, the Haute-Loire gendarmerie launched an investigation and easily identified the perpetrator.

A search carried out at the suspect's home revealed the presence of similar pictures on his computer, a reconciliation was made between the photos and his personal vehicle. During his hearing, the motorist admitted the facts, he even reportedly sharing this type of photo on Facebook "to boast and to praise these actions".

The gendarmerie recalls that "The maximum penalties incurred for provoking an offense by image disseminated electronically are 5 years' imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros" according to article 24 of the 1881 press freedom law.

The case has just added to an already long list of investigations, parts of publications on social networks and leading to subpoenas.