Towards 2 million households in FTTH by the end of the year

Telecom operators have been very busy with 4G, but they have not forgotten their fixed strategy, in particular the deployment of fiber optics. Yes Numericable-SFR claims first place with 9 million connectable homes (but on the Numericable cable network) and 1.5 million customers, and thatOrange has close to 4 million homes connectable in FTTH for 638,000 customers, the group Bouygues Telecom follows its own path.

Bouygues-Telecom-new-logo The operator targets 2 million connectable homes in FTTH by the end of 2015, when it has 1.4 million per 100,000 subscribers, reports the newspaper The echoes who notes that the relaunch of the fiber strategy is linked to the launch of the new Bbox Miami on Android at the end of March.

the attractive price of its offer, lower than the market average, should help it win over subscribers in a difficult market. It remains to be convinced of the relevance and value of the fiber offer, what the 4G could help highlight.

The newspaper The echoes suggests that Bouygues Telecom could seek to win the battle of fiber coverage by focusing its efforts on co-deployment agreements signed with its competitors, and in particular with Orange, while the takeover of SFR by Numericable, and the privileged use of cable by the new entity, could slow down the agreement initially signed with SFR.