The best Snapchat tips, tricks and secret hacks

There is a lot of cool stuff on Snapchat.

Even for the young folks who make up the bulk of its users, there are plenty of hidden features to be discovered.

Luckily, we’ve done some work for you.

Here are the best Snapchat tips and expert tips to take your instant play to the next level:

The best Snapchat tips, tricks and secret hacks

You’ve probably tried Snapchat’s famous Selfie Lenses at least once, but did you know there are similar effects for your rear-facing camera? They are funny!


They are called World Lenses. You just tap your screen while using your rear camera to try them out.

Snapchat messages normally disappear within 10 seconds, but you can prevent them from being deleted right away by turning on the “infinite” mode. The messages will still disappear after receiving your conversation.


You can draw with emojis. To get started, tap on the pen drawing tool, then tap the star emoji below the color bar.