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Apple fixes audio crackles and kernel panic on MacBook Pro 2018

Apple fixes audio crackles and kernel panic on MacBook Pro 2018

Apple has recently launched an additional update only intended to correct two major problems that were present on MacBooK Pro 2018: the creaks that came out of the speakers and the “kernel panic”.

There are many problems with the latest MacBook Pro produced by Apple. On the one hand, audio crackles were invited during a surf session or in the middle of a musical listening. There was so far no way around this concern. In addition, some Apple laptops suffered a kernel panic. In other words, they crashed completely and required a restart.

Good news, these problems are normally fixed with the second additional update to macOS 10.13.6. It would therefore seem that the source of these complications is software and not hardware. What would have required for Apple to recall all the devices concerned to solve the bugs.

However, Apple has not indicated whether this update provides a solution space bar malfunction. The Californian firm simply indicates that it "improves the stability and reliability of MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2018), and is recommended for all users".

To install the additional update, go to Apple support page or more directly in the App Store in the Updates section. This requires 1.3 GB of disk space to be installed.