Tesla Model 3 drops below 40,000 euros

The Tesla Model 3 drastically drops in price in Europe. The firm of Elon Musk has indeed adjusted the price of its flagship vehicle. By applying the ecological bonus, it is now possible to afford a Model 3 for less than 40,000 euros. A first.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla cars are attractive, but expensive. Any price reduction is therefore good to take and today, it is a significant discount that is observed on the flagship model of the manufacturer: the Model 3.

Formerly sold for 50,000 euros, the Model 3 in its standard edition, now adopts a very attractive price, since it falls below the 40,000 euros mark. On the manufacturer’s website, however, it is still displayed at 43,800 euros. To this must be added the ecological premium of 7,000 euros applicable to electric vehicles of less than 45,000 euros. So that makes lower its price to 36,800 euros. It remains high, but this is the first time that it has been sold so cheaply.

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The other two models of Model 3 are not left out. The so-called Great Autonomy Model 3 it goes from 58,000 euros to 51,990 euros. The applicable ecological bonus here is 3000 euros, which lowers its price to 48,990 euros. The Performance version, the most upscale, is now displayed at 59,990 euros, or 56,990 euros after application of the bonus.

Towards less expensive Tesla?

One of the big issues with Tesla is the price. Electricity is still very expensive, but things are going in the right direction. The firm of Elon Musk is not only applying big price cuts on its already existing vehicles, but also working to bring this technology to as many people as possible.

For example, the brand announced the imminent arrival of a new model of electric car sold for less than 25,000 euros. A product that would be unveiled in 2022 and which would be equipped with a less expensive battery to produce. This vehicle would be assembled in China, which would help further lower its price.

Other manufacturers are also working to make electrics cheaper, which will become the norm in ten years or so.