North Korea suffers disruption on its 3G mobile network after fixed Internet

North Korea accuses the United States of having disrupted web access and calls Obama a "monkey"

While the US government accuses North Korea of ​​being behind the hacking of servers Sony Pictures in response to the film's scheduled launch The Interview / The Interview that kills!, a comedy featuring the assassination of the North Korean leader, North Korea has itself been the victim of disruptions to its Internet access.

North korea-flag And while observers doubt the country's real role in the cybervandalism which has affected the Sony Pictures studio, North Korea in turn accuses the United States of being at the origin of its difficulties of access to the Internet.

By the voice of the National Defense Commission, of which Kim Jong Un is president, North Korea is threatening by affirming that the provocations of the USA, if they continue, will not protect it from "fatal blows".

Playing on provocation, the North Korean Commission does not hesitate to compare President Obama to "a monkey in a tropical forest"to reckless actions and words. It refers to White House support to encourage Sony Pictures to broadcast the film The Interview this December 25, 2014, when the studio had initially canceled its release.

The Interview is indeed present on the screens of certain cinemas in the United States and available for rental and online purchase on the YouTube and Google Play platforms on the Google side, and Xbox Live at Microsoft. It is also already widely distributed outside the United States via sharing networks.