SFR: The French competition authority reopens the case

SFR: The French competition authority reopens the case

When Vivendi announced that it had chosen Numericable for the resale of the operator SFR, the Competition Authority thus expressed "serious doubts" on the conformity of the transaction. To look good and get the green light from the regulator, Numericable had accepted a few concessions to maintain the balance between operators.

Numericable-SFR On the one hand, there was talk of opening up its network to competition, thus Numéricable had withdrawn from Outremer Télécom, one of the main mobile telephone operators in the French overseas departments and territories … A disengagement which almost nothing, since SFR is already well established on the market. If Numéricable retained its shares in Outremer Télécom, the merger would have resulted in an imbalance in this specific market. The virtual monopoly on Mayotte was then mentioned with 90% market share.

It is this sale of Outremer Télécom that is arousing the curiosity of the French Competition Authority today. Several buyout offers have been made, but the question now arises of the "conditions governing this sale".

"In order to examine the compatibility of this decision with the obligations subscribed by Numericable to preserve the economic viability, the market value and the competitiveness of Outremer Telecom's mobile telephone activities until their sale, the college of the Authority to decided to take the initiative to verify compliance with this commitment. "

In the event of failure to fulfill its obligations, Numericable could be fined up to 5% of the company's turnover in France.