PS5: he orders the console on Amazon and receives a bottle of water

An Amazon customer received a bottle of water instead of the PS5 he ordered. With Sony’s console out of stock, the e-commerce giant offered to reimburse the purchase in full. Deprived of his new next-gen console, the Internet user decided to file a complaint against Amazon.

ps5 amazon water bottle

Despite the shortage, an inhabitant of Bétheny (Marne) managed to order a PS5 with a disc player on Amazon to give his son, report our colleagues from the Union. Unfortunately, the long-awaited package did not contain a Playstation 5. In the box, the buyer found onlya bottle of mineral water. This is not an isolated case. In the UK, many buyers received cat food, a deep fryer or rice in place of their PlayStation 5, for example.

According to information obtained by the media, the deliverer of the package was negligent. In the absence of the owner at the delivery address, the man left the PS5 in front of the door. Sadly, the delivery man had the wrong address. He actually put the console down three houses away and in the rain. The delivery man was fired by his boss.

Deprived of PS5, a customer files a complaint against Amazon

We imagine that the console could have been stolen at that time, or even a little earlier in the delivery chain. Indeed, Amazon delivery people steal PS5s before they reach customers. In some cases, delivery people pretend to drop off the console with buyers but replace the PS5 with items of similar weight.

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Relieved of 499 €, the buyer contacted Amazon to obtain a new PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, the console is out of stock. Amazon does not have a PS5 to replace its lost order. The American giant then proposed a full refund of its purchase.

As a commercial gesture, Amazon offered a voucher of 5 euros to the aggrieved customer. Furious, the man did not accept. After negotiations, Amazon customer service agreed to offer him a voucher of 10 euros, stressing that the buyer has “lucky to be reimbursed ”. Very upset against Amazon, he decided to file a complaint.

Source: Union