PS5 and Xbox Series stocks: UK wants law against speculators

The UK is considering banning the bulk purchase of stocks of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X and S by speculators, or scalpers, in an attempt to make large profits on resale – even offering the devices at prices that defy understanding.

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On this side of the Channel, it is almost softly called “speculation”. But the British have another word to describe it: the “scalping”. Originally, this word referred to street ticket sellers. It derives its etymological origin from scalpation, a warrior practice with a religious purpose in Amerindian religions, which consists in tearing all or part of the scalp of an adversary, most often already dead (but not always…).

An image, admittedly, a little violent, but there are reasons. When we see that speculators are buying en masse stocks of PS5 and Xbox Series S / X or Nvidia RTX graphics cards as soon as they are released, preventing ordinary gamers from getting them, only to then resell them at crazy sums on eBay and other platforms, there is indeed something to have the impression of paying for this whole story with his scalp.

UK wants to stop scalpers from reselling latest consoles for more

And it is therefore in this context, can be a little exasperated not to be able to afford or offer the last high-tech pleasures of the moment, in a period when, it must be admitted, we all need it very much. , than six British members of the SNP (Scottish National Party) propose a law to “Prohibit the resale of game consoles and computer components at prices much higher than the manufacturer’s recommended retail price”.

The proposal was thrown out Monday in an Early Day Motion, a session in which House of Commons MPs call for debate on specific topics. 15 MPs signed it, calling on the government to ban the resale of goods automatically bought by bots. It should also be noted that the United Kingdom has already legislated on the original meaning of the word scalping, i.e. the resale of tickets.

If the new text is adopted, “New releases of game consoles or computer equipment should be offered to all consumers at a price that does not exceed the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and should not be purchased en masse by automated bots which often bypass the purchasing limits imposed by the retailer ”.

A recent study reveals that scalpers have made more than 24 million euros in profits from next-gen consoles. It remains to be seen whether it would not be wise, also in France, to imitate the British deputies on this question …

Source: VGC