How to Create a Free Temporary Email Address in Seconds

Sometimes when we want access a service or the Web, they ask us to register with our email address. It is very likely that we do not want to give our real username of email so as not to be victims of spam or promotions who don’t we interest not. In this type of situation, we’ve all gone through our heads to create a temporary or disposable email account, but we gave up thinking that we’re going to waste too much time.

However, it is easier than we think. If you want to know how it is done, you will have to follow this tutorial step by step. How are we going?

How to Create a Free Temporary Email Address in Seconds

3 Best Methods to Create a Free Temporary Email Address

In this article, we are going to show you the 3 best methods to create a temporary email address for free.

1.10 Minutes Mail – Temporary mail generator

One of the many alternatives to making an available email account is the 10 minute mail. As the name suggests, this tool will create an email to use while recording, but after ten minutes it will disappear without a trace.

For this, the first thing you need to do is access its official site . A temporary email account will be created automatically. Now just select it and copy it to the clipboard.

Then, without closing the web, go to the registry of the service that requested the email address you just copied and use the email address provided by that tool.

When done, return to the 10 minute email page.

10 Minutes Mail provides you with an email account for 10 minutes by default. Of course, if you think it’s insufficient, you just have to go back to the web and click on the link: Give me 10 more minutes! What appears next to the temporary account.

You can repeat this action as many times as necessary and, just like in anything which service, once the confirmation email arrives you will need to click to open it.

You can forward the message, reply or click any link. In short, do what you would normally do with this type of email.

2. Chrome Extension: TrashMail – Create a free email address available

If this is something you’re going to do on a regular basis, we recommend installing a Chrome extension called TrashMail.

This tool redirects any temporary e-mail address to your private mailbox, which allows you to control the use made of it.

For that, you will only have to access via this link . Click on + Free to install it in your browser and accept its installation.

He then creates a new user account in TrashMail. Click on Save a new account and complete the data, including the e-mail address to which e-mails you receive from the available account will be redirected.

Once you have created a profile, you will need to configure the base for temporary email accounts. Then click on the new TrasMail icon that appears in the Chrome bar.

Establish an expiration period for the account and, if desired, respond from that available account. Finally, tap Save.

  • How to use TrashMail

When you sign up for a service, all you need to do is to click with the right mouse button on the field that asks for the e-mail address and choose the option : Create a disposable address and paste the disposable address .

A configuration box for the available account will then appear. In the new address, the prefix will appear that you configured on time, that way you can tell them apart more easily.

You will also have the option to configure the domain of email accounts.

You can set how many notifications you want to receive and whether you can respond to them. Then click on Create an address.

In case you want to monitor the various email accounts you have created, you can do so from the TrashMail Adress Manager.

3. Alias ​​- Alternative to create a free temporary email address

Aliases are changes to your standard email account that allow you to create a parallel identity. In most cases, just add a prefix.

For example: if your account is astucetech @ , you can create an alias which is [email protected] .

While it is true that you will not receive the messages in the same account, the service or the web in which you used it will not have access to your personal account, but to the one that you created.

These 3 are the best methods to create a temporary or disposable email address for free. Hope this article helps you to create a free email account. If you have any questions regarding the above methods, let us know in the comments below.

If you have any other alternative to create a temporary email id, write them down in the comments below and let them know about it.

What method do you use to create a temporary email address?