Tesla: “Model S 2021” with new design appears in video

A mysterious Tesla “Model S 2021” has been spotted by a YouTuber near the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto, California. This could be the first glimpse of a redesign of the series, which could first be found on the Model S Plaid, a supercharged version scheduled to arrive in 2021.

Model S 2021 new design
Credits: The Kilowatt via Youtube

YouTube channel TheKilowatts just posted the first images of what appears to be a redesign of the Model S series. The youtubeur explains that he was testing the 2021 refresh of the Model 3 while traveling on Californian roads, near Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto. When suddenly his trained eyes stop on a metallic blue Tesla with a unique design! Fortunately, his car’s dashcams filmed everything, which gives us a first glimpse of what Tesla is preparing for us in 2021.

Obviously, this is a redesign of the Model S range. The youtubeur explains “The first thing that struck me was that the car has slightly different headlights […] sharper and more precise ”. He also notes that the front of the vehicle seems closer to the ground than on the current generation. Everything seems to indicate that it is at this stage a prototype. An impression reinforced by the presence of manufacturer’s number plates.

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New Model S appears on California roads

Later in his video, TheKilowatts notes that the rear is very reminiscent of what Tesla has implemented on the Model Y. At this point, it is difficult to conclude more on this new vehicle. Tesla tests many vehicles every year, most of which are never produced. However, it is expected that the manufacturer will soon launch a supercharged version of the Model S, the Model S Plaid.

The firm is due to launch this new model at an unspecified date in the course of 2021. The price of this variant is expected to start at $ 140,000. It remains to be seen whether this slight redesign will also be found on the other Model S which will be produced in the course of 2021.