Galaxy S21: launch date, colors, technical sheet… Samsung reveals everything!

The largest Samsung Experience Store in India has just sold the wick on the Galaxy S21. We discover in particular the date of launching, placing on the market and pre-orders in India. The store also confirms part of the technical sheet of the Galaxy S21 Ultra photo sensors as well as the colors for the three models.

Galaxy s21

While Samsung has yet to unveil its three Galaxy S21s on January 14, 2021, India’s biggest Samsung Experience Store just unveiled a shower of major news on the brand’s next flagship store. The Samsung Opera House store in Bengaluru does indeed appear to have set up a unique operation in the world – without it being known at this point whether or not this is part of Samsung’s official launch strategy.

You will see it, the least we can say is that store executives are surprisingly chatty. To the point that they confirmed to our colleagues from Android Authority the arrival of the S21 in stores about a week after the official launch of the smartphone on January 14 in India. And that’s not all. The store in question is the only one to already accept some sort of pre-order. Customers can already reserve their Galaxy S21, Plus and Ultra there for the modest sum of 2000 rupees, or around 22.50 euros.

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Galaxy S21: a store unveils information on the release date, colors and sensors of the Ultra model

However, at this stage they do not have to choose their model and variant. The payment of this sum actually allows the most impatient customers toobtain real-time information on the availability of the range via WhatsApp. They will then have priority to buy their favorite smartphone once these have been announced. In addition to these data on the date of availability, store executives have confirmed the colors of the three smartphones in the range.

We learn that the Galaxy S21 will be available in gray, pink, purple, and white. The Galaxy S21 Plus will be offered in pink, purple, silver and black. As for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it will only be offered in the colors black and silver. Finally, we also have some info on the Galaxy S21 Ultra photo sensors. We can therefore confirm at this stage that the most high-end smartphone will carry a 108 Mpx main photo sensor, two 10 Mp sensors one of which will be attached to a 10x optical zoom with laser autofocus.

We do not have at this stage confirmed details on the last sensor, but a priori it will be a 12 Mp sensor. It remains to be seen what surprises Samsung still has in store for us. We know almost everything about the design of the S21 thanks to an official video. In addition, we know that some variants will be offered in Exynos and others with a Snapdragon 875, or even Snapdragon 888 on certain models and in certain regions of the world. And that French customers will probably have to be satisfied with Exynos models like everywhere else in Europe.

Source: Android Authority