Apple publishes a video tutorial for its HomePod

The first HomePod customers are amazed by the sound quality

The first HomePod customers are amazed by the sound quality – iPhone Soft

homepod apple iconThat's it, the first HomePods were delivered and many customers post their impressions on Reddit and Twitter. As a result, the HomePod is bluffing its sound level (like the very first returns during its presentation) and Siri even manages to capture your voice 10 meters from it, without straining.

The overall quality is emphasized, while the limitation of Siri is palpable. If he hears correctly, he is not yet as doty as on iOS at the level of answers. We imagine that Apple will rectify this quickly.

EDIT : HomePod is available in France.

homepodreddit2 eats midfets

Via Reddit (eats_midgets)

Negative points of HomePod

  • Siri is too limited
  • OLED touch surface is too sensitive to fingerprints

The positives of the HomePod

  • Quality of finish
  • Its at the top with an incredible quality / price / size ratio. A customer even speaks of a sound better than a whole Sonos over 1000.
  • Getting started very simple

What they say

The setup was incredibly fast and easy with my iPhone.
The sound quality so far is impressive.
Fills the room beautifully.
The upper display is captivating.
Control via the control center on my phone is well integrated.
The audio is very good, with an impressive clarity and volume. I'm not an audiophile, but I like music, and the quality of HomePod is immediately obvious from the moment you start using it.
The installation program retains the Apple Music AppleID details, etc. from the phone, so no time wasted
Hey Siri works extremely well
I can definitively say that the #HomePod sounds much better than my #Sonos $ 1000 system.
Really beautiful power cable
For the price – the separation and the sound of a "single" speaker is stupefying.

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