Galaxy buds pro design

Galaxy Buds Pro: sound spatialization, voice detection, price, headphones are revealed

The new Galaxy Buds Pro will most certainly be presented at the same time as the Galaxy S21. Today, we are learning a little more about its new features thanks to the companion application that appeared on the Samsung online store.

Galaxy buds pro design

In January, Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy S21, or Galaxy S30. Along with these highly anticipated smartphones, the Korean brand should also present its new True Wireless headphones: Galaxy Buds Pro. Their design has already been leaked, but today, it is their functionalities that are highlighted. Indeed, the companion app briefly appeared on the Galaxy Store and the APK was quickly dissected. The finds have been shared via Github and reveal some interesting things.

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First, the headphones should have sound spatialization, like Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. This option provides real “3D” sound and adapts to the user’s head movements. Thus, the sound “follows” the movements. This is particularly felt when watching a video, such as a movie.

Voice detection on the Galaxy Buds Pro program

The other novelty would be voice detection. Thus, the sound of the headphones would automatically decrease when speaking in this “ambient mode”. A practical feature in everyday life, and one that will prevent you from taking off your headphones if you have to talk to someone you have just passed on the street. Active noise reduction would also be part of the game.

Buds Pro

Two features that could be highlighted during the presentation of the headphones. Samsung must indeed strike people’s minds with something new, as the latest similar products, the Galaxy Buds Live, were released just six months ago. Either way, we know what these Buds Pro look like thanks to several leaks. Samsung will abandon the “bean” design for a more classic shape. The format will not change. We will have two small wireless headphones with a charging box. Classic.

The Dutch site Galaxy Club goes even further by revealing the price of headphones in Europe. These would be marketed at the rate of 229 euros on the old continent, more than the Buds Live (199 euros).