will it be 10% cheaper than the Galaxy S6?

Consumer Reports still has a preference for the Galaxy S5

Smartphones Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge may allow Samsung to relaunch after mixed sales of the Galaxy S5 and their features, such as the QHD screen, stretched on the edges for the S6 Edge, or the processor Exynos 7420, were able to capture the attention of the media, leaving hope for real success.

The evolution of design, which abandons plastic for glass and metal, also plays in their favor but for the association Consumer Reports, all of these advances are struggling to counterbalance the compromises compared to the previous model, the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S6 edge comp 01 Galaxy S6 Edge comp 02

While recognizing the welcome developments in the new range of smartphones, such as rapid battery charging and wireless charging, the American consumer association regrets the decisions to abandon the microSD card port to expand the storage or the removable battery.

This is because these elements enabled Samsung smartphones to constitute a real alternative to Apple iPhones. For Consumer Reports, "the new models have become much more "iPhone-like" than the previous ones".

The association also regrets the loss of waterproof protection, yet present on the Galaxy S5. For these choices assumed by the Korean giant but considered as setbacks towards the consumer, Consumer Reports finally gave a lower rating to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge than to their predecessor.