The Philips Hue discovery pack is at a great price for Christmas

Want to equip yourself with devices from the Philips Hue range for Christmas? Darty is currently offering a good plan that allows you to acquire the Philips Hue discovery pack at a very good price: € 119.99. It’s quite interesting knowing that it is generally sold for € 199.99.

philips hue darty fnac pack

While Black Friday Week is in full swing, it is possible to do good business especially in the world of connected objects. After the Philips Hue discovery pack on sale at Boulanger, it’s Darty’s turn to offer one that is also worth it. It is displayed at € 119.99 instead of € 199.99 normally. It is therefore a savings of 80 € that you do by purchasing it through this Christmas offer.

This pack is composed of: two White & Color E27 connected bulbs, the Philips Hue connection bridge, a switch with dimmer and a connected Philips Hue Smart Plug. With the smart plug, just plug the lamp into the outlet of your choice and connect each classic lamp to your Hue system.

The bulbs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours each. They are compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants. The dimmer switch allows you to easily play with the light intensity of Philips Hue lights. it also acts as a wireless switch and remote control. The connection bridge, meanwhile, gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of your connected installation and control your devices from the Philips Hue range.

If this pack exceeds your budget, or you already have a connection bridge, know that there is another pack with an Echo Dot 4 and a Philips Hue connected bulb at 34.99 euros. Finally, discover our article associated with the top connected objects at discounted prices for Christmas 2020.