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Apps Fire: the heart of handy apps

Apps Fire: the heart of handy apps

The mission of the Apps Fire application is to offer “gratin” from the App Store via a social network specially set up for this purpose!

At present, it is still difficult to find your way in the App Store among the multitude of applications offered there (more than 400,000 applications today). With the help of Yan Lechelle and Ouriel Ohayon to create a system that highlights applications. After having created a software which makes it possible to highlight the applications on the Mac App Store, the two developers have not traner propose the same system officiating for the applications intended for iDevice. In summary, the principle of Apps Fire is simple, the application will scan all the applications installed on your iDevice. Then, the user will be able to recommend their applications to their friends via a social network specially set up for this purpose or by e-mail, twitter, etc. Finally, as soon as the application is launched, the user will be able to view which applications stand out from the crowd, through App Stores in many countries. A concept which therefore seems quite relevant because it is true that when you receive an iPhone or an iPad, you always wonder how it will be possible quickly to select the best applications.

Video demonstration (recorded from an iPhone 4S):

Apps Fire is available for free on the App Store:

IPhone version.

IPad version.

We discuss it on the forum.