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the White House intervened in favor of Apple in India

At Apple's recent shareholders' meeting, Tim Cook confirmed that Apple plans to open Apple Stores in India in 2021.

Apple Store India

Recall that the Indian government requires foreign companies to source locally 30% in order to obtain authorization to open retail stores under their own brand. Adding that he proposed Apple to go through a local partner to sell its products. Only, Tim Cook sees things differently: We would not be a very good partner in the retail business. We like to do things our way.

For some time now, Apple has entrusted part of the production of iPhone 6S / 7 / SE Wistron to India. Foxconn is said to have also planned to launch the iPhone XR in the country in the fall, and the iPhone 11 will be next.

Although Apple partially met local government requirements, the company wanted India to agree to relax its rule by 30%. And apparently the Trump administration has put pressure on the Indian government to help Apple open its own Apple Stores next year. Tim Cook himself revealed this information in an interview on Fox News: The administration has been working on this with the Indian government and this change has been made.

Donald Trump met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for preliminary trade talks during a state visit to India last week. Agreements therefore seem to have been found in favor of Apple and its desire for an Apple Store in India.