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Zynga sues Frenchman Kobojo for his game "PyramidVille"

Zynga sues Frenchman Kobojo for his game "PyramidVille"

American online game publisher Zynga announced Monday that it is chasing French competitor Kobojo, wanting to prevent it from using the suffix "city" in its game "PyramidVille", which it claims imitates its own titles.

“Zynga's (City) + City + family includes many well-known titles, such as FarmVille, CityVille and CastleVille, and the suffix + City + is strongly associated with Zynga in the minds of gamers”, said Zynga in a press release on Monday. “Given Kobojo's refusal to change the name of its game, a legal procedure was necessary to defend our brand and avoid creating confusion among players”, added Zynga.

In its complaint, dated Friday and filed before a federal court in San Francisco (California, west), Zynga affirms that Kobojo “consciously and willfully used the registered trademark of Zynga by deliberately exploiting the goodwill associated with the family of brands in + Ville + , and with the brands CityVille, FarmVille, FarmVille by Zynga, FishVlle, FrontierVille, PetVille and YoVille ”.

Zynga further claims that Kobojo “chose the name PyramidVille with the express intention of causing confusion and misleading Facebook users and users of other social games to make it appear that PyramidVille is part of or is related to the family of games. in + City + of Zynga ”.

Kobojo, a company founded in Paris in 2008, launched PyramidVille in early 2011. It announced last month that it had just passed the threshold of one million active users per month on all of its games, which also include Atlantis Fantasy or Goobox. PyramidVille has been accessible since January directly on the App Store.

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The PyramidVille game on the App Store.

(Source: AFP.)