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Zynga bought the studio behind Draw Something

Zynga bought the studio behind Draw Something

OMGPOP, the studio behind the excellent Draw Something, which peaks at the top of the App Store charts, has just been bought by Zynga, the glove of video gaming on mobiles and social networks. The transaction amount is estimated to be between 150 and 250 million dollars.

A few months ago, OMGPOP was still a small independent studio unknown to the battalion. Today, the company has just been bought by the glove of the video game industry Zynga, for an amount between 150 and 250 million dollars. Great success for a small team that did not expect the least plantar success.

The completely unexpected success of Draw Something has brought OMGPOP to the spotlight. The company, which received funding of $ 17 million, has experienced a meteoric rise thanks to the success of its app on the App Store.

The good news is that the takeover of OMGPOP will not affect Draw Something’s expansion plans. Chat and photo backup should be two of the next updates, and Zynga will be communicating on other upcoming releases soon. In total, more than a billion drawings have been produced to date. With the support of Zynga and without doubt the goal of bringing the concept to all other possible and imaginable platforms, there is no doubt that the Draw Something fever will not stop soon.

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(Source: TouchArcade)