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ZOOM Cloud Meetings4.6.18174.0301

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is an Android application allowing you to chat with your contacts, organize online meetings as well as audio and videoconferencing with screen sharing. The free version allows you to schedule quality meetings up to 100 people but with a maximum of 40 minutes per meeting beyond 3 participants. To test and use both for teleworking and for chatting with loved ones.

With the rise of telework, videoconferencing and online meeting solutions are on the rise. In the field, Zoom has become one of the benchmarks notably thanks to the audio and video quality of the meetings, but also thanks to its advantageous free version.

What does Zoom offer?

If it is possible to join a Zoom meeting without having a PC account, you will need to create one for iOS to chat with your contacts and organize meetings. The application, presented here on Android, is cross-platform and can be installed on Windows, macOS and Linux computers as well as on iOS smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to connect and participate in meetings via the web interface.ZOOM Cloud Meetings
Zoom for Android allows you to manage your contacts, chat in instant messaging and exchange files. With regard to meetings, the user has the option of launching a new meeting and inviting their contacts to it, joining one or scheduling it at a later date. It will be automatically synchronized with the default calendar management application on the device.

Meeting features

During a meeting, each person can activate their audio or video from their device as they wish. The person in charge of the organization can activate / deactivate the microphones as needed and highlight the video of a participant.

Available on all supports including Android, screen sharing allows is useful for demonstrations and distance training. You can draw and work on a whiteboard to give free rein to your ideas. Note also that Zoom allows each participant to share photos, files, URL, bookmark as well as documents from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Regarding performance, Zoom showed good performance and quality and a very good image fluidity, and this in Wi-Fi as on the mobile network.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Limits of the free version

Zoom is an ideal solution for individuals and professionals, because its trial version allows you to test the functions and especially the capacity of the service. Indeed, Zoom in Basic edition allows you to organize an unlimited number of meetings with a maximum of 100 participants. However, the maximum time is 40 minutes for meetings of more than 3 people.

To go up a gear and for businesses, Solo and Business subscriptions allow meetings of several hundred people to be organized without time limits and with more administrative functions.