Zookeeper Battle

Zookeeper Battle

Zookeeper Battle is a puzzle game that is out of the ordinary and promises real fun, as long as you have trained enough to have sufficient level against certain tough opponents.

If there are already puzzle games such as Bejeweled, Zookeeper Battle stands out from the rest. Flashy color game, very Japanese in style, it combines a puzzle-game and combat aspect.

Originally released on iOS, the game quickly won over its fans.

The game begins with the search for an opponent, random or against a friend. In the manner of a Bejeweled, you must line up three or more animals, which will yield attack, defense or mixed points.

Everything happens very quickly, each round lasts 30 seconds, so we will have to optimize our strategy. At the end of each round, the fight begins, the different accumulated points are used, once you run out of defense points, your life gauge decreases. You will understand, once the life gauge at zero, you lost.

Events are regularly organized in the game with rewards. It is possible to invite friends Google+, Twitter or by email.

The parties are great fun, however, some critics will rightly say that the game can be difficult to access. Indeed, if the game play is very quickly assimilated, the game will quickly increase in difficulty by facing the many seasoned players whose path you will cross. In addition, the number of games against random players is limited, and you will have to wait once the quota has been used up.