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Zombie World War (.apk) 1.5

Zombie world war is a shooter, available on the Android platform.

Anchored in an apocalyptic world, you play as one of the last survivors of the human race. Your goal is therefore to protect your position from the waves of zombies. About 126 levels and 21 sets are playable through 3 locations on the world map.

To help you in your fight, you will need to arm yourself: 19 weapons are therefore at your disposal, including the AK-47, UMP, UZI, M32 … To use them, just position your finger in the direction of the desired shot, since our character is camping on his positions.

The game is full of ads, however. Particularly when a mission is finished, an advertisement appears without the choice of being able to pass it.

The paid options allow you to buy money to get new weapons, survival kits or, directly to unlock locked levels.