Zeusmos: download free IPA applications on iOS 7

Zeusmos 1024x908 - Zeusmos : télécharger gratuitement des applications IPA sur iOS 7

Zeusmos is an application available for a long time on Cydia but that we had never presented to you. Originally developed exclusively to replace the deceased Installous, this application Cydia so lets Download and install most of the paid apps (.ipa format) from the App Store for free.

It’s a great alternative to AppCake or vShare, and good news, Zeusmos is compatible with all iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch jailbroken under iOS 6 or iOS 7. Follow the tutorial below to install the application on your device and take advantage of the free App Store.

Zeusmos Cydia - Zeusmos: download free IPA apps for iOS 7

Zeusmos Tutorial: The Free App Store

1) Launch Cydia, then add the sources: http://cydia.xsellize.com and http://repo.hackyouriphone.org

2) Once the refresh is finished, download AppSync for iOS 7.0+ (hackyouriphone repo) perform a respring then download and install Zeusmos (repo xsellize).

Appsync iOS 7 576x1024 - Zeusmos: Download free IPA applications for iOS 7

3) Quit Cydia, then open the Zeusmos application which is normally found on your springboard. It is made up of 6 tabs:

  • Home : allows you to navigate in applications thanks to Top Rated Apps (top rated apps) or Categories.
  • Search : if you know the name of the application you want to download, it’s here (search).
  • Downloads : displays your downloads in progress and also those completed and ready to install
  • Updates : displays the updates available for your applications (seems not to be fully functional in iOS 7)
  • Settings : access the application settings and choose your preferences (deletion of the ipa after installation, number of results to display, etc.)

4) Choose an application, press Download then on the supplier you want (turbobit, filepup, …) and follow the instructions to start downloading the game. Note that by pressing SAVE, you can register an app to download it later.

Zeusmos 1024x908 - Zeusmos: Download free IPA apps for iOS 7

5) Once the download is complete, you just have to install it! For those who would like to install their applications in SSH, just follow this tutorial then place your files in the format .ipa in the file / private / var / mobile / Documents / Zeusmos / Apps. Install them and voila. 🙂

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