Tetris in several dimensions

The simplest games are sometimes the most complicated. The most Zen games are sometimes the most annoying. No, this is not the last enigma of Father Fouras, but of our feelings after playing the excellent Zentris.

As the name suggests, this is a Tetris block game. As with the cult game, you will have to reconstruct complete lines from various shapes.

Until now, nothing new

But to summarize it thus would be a mistake. Zentris brings several originalities, the first being its isometric 2D which will not make your life easier.

Each everything happens in the following way: you have three blocks of different shapes to position. You must place all three before you have three new ones.

These blocks have the particularity of not being able to be repositioned. It is the entire game board that you will have to rotate on the right or on the left to find new angles and finally be able to place your blocks.

So far, nothing too complex …


Zentris adds a layer

As in Tetris, the blocks therefore end up piling up irretrievably, more or less quickly depending on your skills.

But in addition to the forms, Zentris add a color constraint to each new layer. The first layer has its own color and can only form lines with other blocks of the same color. Same thing for the second layer, the third, etc.

The layers are added as your score increases.

But a difficulty never arriving alone, the blocks which are proposed to you end up arriving directly with several layers of colors.

You must therefore think in three dimensions before placing your block, anticipating as much as possible the combinations that you will be able to make.

The “boosters” to the rescue

We quickly find ourselves confronted with its first difficulties. To leave you room for error, Zentris offers three types of “boosters”.

The first is the “jackhammer” which allows you to remove a complete block vertically. The “bomb” does a little more cleaning by detonating several blocks around. Finally, the “back” arrow allows you to return to the previous action.

Bonuses that quickly become essential if you want to beat your record or that of other Zentris players.

This is where the shoe pinches …

The game informs you that the game is over when you can no longer place the next block, suggesting that you pay € 1.99 for the paid version of the game offering you unlimited “boosters”. To move faster in your game, Zentris also offers “accelerator” packs ranging from two to fifty euros.

You quickly realize that the “natural” progression is reached too quickly, which creates frustration in the player (and promotes the passage to the cashier).

The game showing an advertisement between each part, we hoped to be able to play a little longer for free.


An undeniable competitive dimension

If Tetris has been played and reissued for more than 25 years, it is for its ease of handling, its addictive gameplay and the desire to improve its score.

Like a Candy Crush or a sudoku game, we can see ourselves playing a quick game on public transport to resume our game and finally beat the score we made yesterday in the bathroom.

By logging into Google Play Games or Facebook, you can challenge your friends and compare your high scores.

Zen, let’s be Zen

Pastel colors through the sound of moving blocks and very soft electronic music, you feel a little like at home playing Zentris. Perfect for killing time by playing for a few minutes.

If you don’t have time to finish your current game or want more time to think it over, you can simply pause the game and come back to it later. Convenient.

But paradoxically, Zentris can also quickly become frustrating. We discussed the rapid limits of progression, but keep in mind that some people may not find the game at all relaxing and get upset after a certain level of difficulty.

Different styles, different worlds

The “styles” of Zentris are in fact worlds with varied atmospheres. They stand out for their colors, their atmosphere and their different music.

The developers of the game offer different ways to unlock them: by reaching a certain number of points after your games, by connecting to Facebook, by inviting friends, by performing certain consecutive actions in the same game, or by taking the version. application premium.

What encourage you, if your high score was not enough, to perform certain actions in the game to unlock more and more levels.