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Yuka is one of the innovative apps we love to try. Its interface is neat and the product database rather substantial. Nutritional assessments and product recommendations are also welcome. An essential application during food shopping!

What to do with this app?

YukaDeveloped by a team of four in Paris, Yuka is the ideal app for those looking to eat better and select quality products for a balanced diet. It supports the user during his shopping to choose his food or alternatives well but also over time thanks to an analysis of purchases.

Screen the fridge and cupboards

Yuka incorporates a scan that uses the phone or tablet camera as a barcode reader. The first reflex is to go around the fridge and cupboards and the result is impressive. The application recognizes almost all of the products, including the brands belonging to distributors, hats off!

Indeed, it is based onOpen Food Facts, a free and collaborative database that brings together the ingredients and nutritional data of around 500,000 products worldwide.

Within reach of the shopping cart

With a color and rating system, the user can thus consult the nutritional quality, the presence of additives and the biological dimension of each item. If a product has received a negative evaluation and is not recommended, the application offers healthier alternatives.

A tool also makes it possible to follow purchases and the various scans over the last 30 days to visualize the distribution of products and the fruits of the efforts made.