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Yubo: Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos support teen dating app

Maj. the December 13, 2019 16 h 40 min

Yubo, the French teen dating and discussion application, has just raised more than 11 million euros from investors. Among them, there is no more and no less than Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon). But what is Yubo, by the way?

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In just three years of existence, Yubo has managed to establish itself among the applications of social networks that matter. It now has 25 million users worldwide. Admittedly, we are far from the 2.45 billion active users of Facebook. But the little French application is doing very well. So much so that it is now attracting big investors like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and the company Sweet Capital, founded by the creators of Candy Crush, which now belongs to Blizzard. All have just announced they have invested 11.2 million euros in the company. However, the goal is not so much to grow the business, but rather to help better moderate its content. Because since a few months, Yubo is the subject of an avalanche of criticisms and drives of all kinds.

Yubo wants to expand his team of moderators

Yubo is a French application launched in 2015 by 3 engineers. For memory, it is both a social network and an application of friendly meeting. The application is mainly aimed at teenagers, it allows them to find new friends, but also to broadcast live video, invite friends to participate live, join groups, etc. If its mode of operation looks like a mix between Facebook, Twitch and Instagram, the application also borrows the components of Tinder. In particular, it allows users to be swiped: it proposes a user of new friends, whose profiles he can scroll through one, in order to add them or not his list of contacts.

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Despite a moderation team that works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, the application is the subject of numerous attacks, following the drives of its users. Some boys have set up a system of procs, as they call them. They accuse the users of having post selfies selfies, to force them to justify themselves in public and in video. Others ask them to send intimate photos. Persecution, blackmail … The application quickly became the ideal playground for stalkers and predators. While Youtubers and the press recently reported these practices, the signal was fired too late and the application caused quite a bit of damage.

To separate the chaff from the chaff, Yubo has partnered with Yoti to sort out the profiles using an AI. But the application aspires more certainty and announces invest in an even more consistent moderation team. Yubo currently has 17 people in its center in Paris, but hopes to raise fifty employees very quickly, thanks to the call for funds it has just collected.