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YouTube: watch videos without leaving a history

What you see is not so private …

youtube historic privacy

Are you a fan of binge watching on YouTube? Google has thought about your mode of consumption and allows you to find all the videos viewed by memorizing your activities. A history that exists on all Google applications. Admittedly, this feature is practical at first glance, but it can also be embarrassing. And for good reason: other users can know which videos you have watched recently. Fortunately, an alternative exists. You can activate a private browsing mode to avoid all kinds of inconvenience.

To start private browsing on YouTube, launch the mobile application and then tap the icon representing your account. At the top right of the screen.

Then click on the option ” Activate private browsing mode

youtube private browsing

Once the mode is activated, YouTube will confirm the confidentiality of your navigation via an informative pop-up. Click on ” okay To close it. Your private browsing is also illustrated by the presence of an icon in the shape of a hat and glasses. It can be identified at the top right of your screen.

youtube incognito confidentiality

Consequently, all your video consultations are no longer memorized. Your history will remain blank as long as private browsing mode is active.

If you want to restore your public navigation, just click on the hat and glasses icon. Finally choose the option ” Disable incognito mode from the drop-down menu. The application then records all your activities again.

disable private browsing youtube

That’s all ! You are now the master of your privacy on YouTube!

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