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YouTube turns mobile app into voice remote

YouTube is enriched at the end of the year with several features. One of them turns the application available on Android or iOS into a voice remote control. It is used to control the YouTube application present on certain connected TVs. YouTube also announces the compatibility of its Fire TV app with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa.

youtube voice search

YouTube is taking advantage of this end of the year to improve its service. Google's streaming platform posted a message this weekend on its dedicated support site that showcases all of the latest news. They are three in number. And they are not all useful for all users, since they mainly concern the transverse experience (understand between two viewing media, whether it be a television, a decoder, a game console and / or a smartphone).

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The first, and certainly the one that will arouse the most interest is the voice remote control function. The idea is to use your smartphone to initiate a voice search which will be executed on another device, in particular a connected television. A function that is reminiscent of that offered by Apple with iPhone and Apple TV (in the latter case, remote voice search is also universal and is not limited to YouTube).

The prerequisite: having a smartphone and a TV with the YouTube application installed on each of them. Note that the smartphone operating system should not be mandatory Android, since it also works with the iOS version. You must also be connected to your account on both applications. The streaming platform hopes that searching YouTube on a connected TV will be easier.

Target recommendations, even on TV

Second novelty, the function which allows to create several profiles with a single account has been extended to the application installed on connected televisions. If you have created multiple profiles for each family member to get target recommendations for each, these will now be supported in your living room. The active profile is visible in the context menu on the left side of the screen. And it is in this space that it is possible to switch from one user to another.

Latest news, YouTube version of Amazon Fire TV is now Alexa compatible. It is therefore now possible to make voice requests with the virtual assistant preinstalled in the decoder of the merchant site. YouTube’s compatibility with Fire TV is still very recent, as it only dates back to October. It follows the reconciliation of the two American firms. At the same time, YouTube's HDR compatibility has been strained. It is now available on the latest Sony home consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro.