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YouTube Music

Android app YouTube Music allows you to find the songs, video clips and YouTube playlists of our favorite artists. It is also a very good way to discover new titles thanks to many recommendations and trends. The subscription Premium Music allows you to download your favorite tracks and listen without ads.

YouTube MusicUnlike the YouTube app, YouTube Music allows you to find all the music, titles, artists and video clips from YouTube. This music streaming service is ideal for building your music library but also discovering new artists via numerous recommendations.

Find your favorite music

YouTube Music offers the possibility of finding all of its YouTube playlists as well as favorite albums and artists and tracks liked by the user or recently listened to. An integrated search engine allows you to describe and find a song, an artist or an album. The application also offers a large number of musical recommendations based on the tastes of the user but also the time of day, week, geolocation or even the weather. The tab Hotlist is ideal for discovering the latest titles and trends.

A paid Premium subscription

In its free version, YouTube Music allows unlimited listening but not without ads. However, a Premium subscription allows you to do without ads but also to switch to audio mode to lock your screen or open other applications while enjoying your music. The Premium edition also offers the possibility of downloading your favorite titles on the device to enjoy them offline.

Its grip

YouTube Music is a very good application, easy to learn and ideal for listening to music and discovering new artists. The home page allows you to discover many artists and musical styles.