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YouTube launches its social network

For several weeks, rumors have been circulating about the integration of a social network with YouTube. This transplant is officially revealed. The codename Backstage is no longer required, it is Community (or Community). A dedicated tab thus takes place on a YouTube channel.

Community is currently in beta and the tab only appears on a few handpicked channels *. A first step before a larger deployment that will involve more contributors. No timetable is mentioned, however.

By targeting youtubers, the online video platform, together with the Community, evokes the possibility of sharing messages, live videos, images, animated GIFs and other content. " Light means to exchange more often and in real time with your fans. "


On the side of Internet users and subscribers, the possibilities of interaction are on the other hand more limited for the time being and are confined essentially to comments and thumbs up or down. They can view posts in their Subscriptions feed with the mobile app and receive notifications.

To see now if Community will be an experience with better success than the Google+ social layer which had tried to animate YouTube. Adding social media functionality to YouTube obviously makes sense to allow creators to connect with their audience. However, they have already got into the habit of relying on third-party social networks for this.

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