YouTube Kids: YouTube for kids

YouTube Kids: YouTube for kids

Update : the YouTube Kids app is now available for Android but also iOS. However, it is indeed reserved for the United States at the moment.


News published on February 20, 2015

Since mid-2014, it has been rumored that Google is working on adapting its products and services to children. In late 2014, such a business was confirmed by a Google official at USA Today. And it was once again to this American daily that a YouTube official announced the launch next Monday of YouTube Kids.

Initially, it will be an application only available on Android devices and which will benefit from an interface specially adapted for children. The target seems to be the smallest and not frankly the pre-teens.

Large buttons and large thumbnails to adapt to the little fingers of children and get to the point and without displaying comments. Play channels for children will be offered, as well as a radio for videos of songs. Educational programs will be highlighted, as well as the most popular videos.


Voice search will be present. If a seizure is related to a word that does not suit a child's mouth, a message will ask to try something else. The example of the word "sex" is given.

Parents will be entitled to features such as the possibility of limiting the time of exposure to the application. A control which will be carried out via a password. When an application shuts down on its own after a certain amount of time, launching it again will require the password.

It is unclear whether YouTube Kids will be immediately available outside of the United States. Likewise, the issue of advertising revenue is not resolved. Pub or not? We imagine that the eyes of advertisers must shine at the idea of ​​targeting such a young audience.