YouTube in turn bans Donald Trump for at least 7 days

This Tuesday, Donald Trump posted several videos on YouTube inciting violence, according to the platform. In accordance with its general conditions of use, it has decided to block the account of the American president, thus preventing him from posting any content for a minimum period of 7 days.

Credit: Unsplash

Donald Trump sees his favorite means of communication being taken away one by one. Facebook was the first to strike by banning the President indefinitely. Twitter quickly followed suit by suspending his account “permanently”. It is now the turn of Youtube to block his access to the billionaire, after he has posted several content inciting violence.

Tuesday evening, in fact, Donald Trump released several videos violating the general conditions of use of the platform, according to the latter. While some are still online today, others have been withdrawn by Google’s service, without knowing their content. According to the BBC, it would be excerpts from a press conference held by the president on the same day.

Donald Trump could once again have access to his YouTube account

“After evaluation, and in light of our concerns about a potential incitement to violence, we have removed new content posted by Donald J. Trump for violating our terms of use”, Google said in a statement. However, the firm clarified that the blockage is temporary, and that Donald Trump may again be able to post videos in the future.

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The President indeed received thefirst of the three “strikes” necessary for the permanent ban from his YouTube channel, as Google explains. The platform has also deactivated for an indefinite period the possibility to write comments on the videos of the channel concerned, “As we have already done on other channels where we have found security threats in the comments”.

Google could show up cautious at the idea of ​​completely blocking the account billionaire. Since the exclusion of Donald Trump, Facebook has indeed lost $ 33.6 billion on the stock market. This does not prevent some from hoping for a permanent suspension. Jim Steyer, lawyer specializing in civil rights, regrets “That it took an attack [contre le Capitole] to get there. The major platforms seem to finally come out against this ”.

Source: BBC