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YouTube Go1.0

How useful is YouTube Go?

With YouTube Go, the American firm Google targets emerging markets thanks to a light, fast and intuitive application allowing to watch and download YouTube videos. Initially dedicated to no less than 130 countries, this lightweight application is intended for older devices and uneven or developing mobile networks.

The application is thus used to watch videos online in low resolution, to download them to watch them later and even to share them with those close to you. It can therefore still be interesting on paper for some French users of the service.

Its functionalities

The home page of the application offers trendy videos with the possibility of watching or downloading them in several quality levels. A video preview is also available so that you do not have to open a video that does not meet your desires and thus save on the data plan.

YouTube Go also innovates thanks to its exchange function which allows you to send and receive YouTube videos between two people nearby. A perfect function for places without network coverage and for sharing videos with loved ones.

The particularity of the application therefore lies in the total control of the data consumption that you will make of it with YouTube. On paper, it is therefore interesting especially with the download functionality. In practice on French territory, it is something else …

No download for France!

Launched around the world, YouTube Go is not officially in France and it will therefore go through the manual installation of the APK file on his Android device. However, French users will not be able to download YouTube videos due to differences with the rights holders.

To be able to install YouTube Go, we recommend downloading the APK from this page. Once done, transfer this file to your Android device. Then go to your file manager and choose the file. You will then be offered to install it, nothing more simple.

So you will understand, YouTube Go is a very interesting application on paper. However, it is intended only for certain countries, making its use in France more difficult.

In addition, YouTube now includes the downloading of videos within its YouTube Premium offer, which will not encourage the release in the hex of the application. The video giant on the internet indeed prefers that users subscribe to its paid offer to access this functionality and that is understandable. Clearly for France: the application has very little interest.