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YouTube for Android (.APK) 15.23.35

Optimized for smartphones and tablets running Android, the official YouTube application has it all thanks to its clear and intuitive interface and its ease of use. An app to download and install urgently on your Android devices!

An official YouTube app:

Developed with onions by Google, the Android application Youtube offers the possibility of accessing the online video sharing service. Having exceeded one billion Android installations, this official app is as well optimized for smartphones as for tablets.

In terms of functionality:

The home page offers personalized recommendations based on the videos already viewed. This screen also has a classification by themes (music, films and animations, trailers, etc.) as well as the most popular channels and videos of the moment.

A search engine is also available to find videos, playlists and channels from around the world. The user has the means to log into his account in order to find his recommendations and subscriptions. The video stream on the home page will be personalized according to the history and preferences of the account.

On the reading side, we find a simple, intuitive reader and somewhat identical to its web version. It is also possible to consult the details of each video, the comments without forgetting the classic “green thumb” and “red thumb” buttons as an appreciation. Note the possibility of adding videos to watch later or adding videos to favorites or within a playlist.

Very easy to use:

The app Youtube for Android is very easy to use, especially thanks to a neat, intuitive interface available in French.