YouTube Finally Improves Live Video Quality With HDR Support

YouTube announces the arrival of HDR support for live streamed video. For four years, the streaming platform has been HDR compatible, but only for recorded videos. Thanks to this new option, live broadcasts, which are becoming more and more popular, are catching up.

youtube live compatible hdr 1
Credit: Unsplash

Since the start of the year, with the containment measures, video streaming has become a technology that is part of our daily lives. Whether it is to learn, play sports, have fun or meet up with friends (with Zoom or Teams aperitifs), French people of all ages consume streaming media. And some influencers, on Instagram or YouTube, took the opportunity to offer live broadcasts to strengthen their communities.

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Practice is therefore important. But, on YouTube, not all live streaming content offers the same options in terms of video quality. Specifically, until now, it was not possible to live stream filmed content in HDR. Fortunately, YouTube officially announces HDR support for live content. The streaming platform also confirms that other HDR-related options will arrive very soon for live broadcasts.

An astonishing situation finally corrected

The incompatibility of lives with HDR seems surprising, because YouTube is compatible with HDR formats since 2016. But this option is only offered to recorded content. At the time, YouTube explained that this support would provide a much richer viewing experience. The colors are more vivid. The contrasts are better. The details are more numerous in the shadow areas.

youtube live compatible hdr 2
Example of HDR improvement. Credit: YouTube

This is all the more surprising since the vast majority of recent platforms used for filming or watching streaming programs are HDR compatible. Be it camera, camcorder, television, smartphone and tablets. We are also seeing more successful versions of this technology appear: HDR10 and Dolby Vision especially. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, recently tested in our columns is a good example. Hopefully these new standards will arrive on YouTube, especially live, a little faster.