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YouTube Creator Studio1.7

The essential app to effectively manage your YouTube channel. Among other things, it allows you to consult detailed analysis data, manage your playlists and modify the description of videos. A free Android application to discover!

YouTube Creator Studio, for what needs?

This official application for Android offers the possibility of managing a YouTube channel with ease in order to keep an eye on the statistics, comments and data of your channel and your videos.

Full management of a YouTube channel:

YouTube Creator Studio allows you to consult the analysis data of the channel and of each video. It is possible to see the number of subscribers, the number of views and the total viewing time or for each video. Detailed audience statistics are available and provide the means to view the number of views over the past 48 hours.

Apart from the many data available, the app offers filtering of comments and the possibility of responding to them. The user also has the means to modify the details of his videos, the monetization parameters as well as a sophisticated management of the different playlists.

Handling side:

YouTube Creator Studio is very simple to use, the application is ergonomic and available in French.