YouTube: Android TV finally allows you to play 8K videos

YouTube on Android TV will finally make it possible to watch 8K videos on compatible televisions. With the app update 2.12.08, users won’t just have to play footage in 4K. We take stock of all the new firmware.

youtube 8k android tv

If 4K televisions are already widespread, televisions compatible with 8K are still very expensive. Moreover, the contents proposed in this definition are even rarer. Despite everything, manufacturers are gradually negotiating the shift to 8K. For example, the PS5 and Xbox Series X proudly display their compatibility with 8K.

But until now, the few TVs compatible with 8K definition could not display 8K YouTube videos through Android TV. The users were limited to 4K, even if the content was offered in 8K on the platform. To correct the situation, Google has just launched the deployment of the update 2.12.08 of the YouTube application for Android TV, report our colleagues from 9to5Google.

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YouTube on Android TV supports Cast Connect

If you haven’t invested in an 8K TV yet, you should still notice a difference thanks to downscaling. Concretely, viewing 8K video on a 4K TV will be slightly better than viewing 4K video. That’s not all, Google is also taking the opportunity to add support for Cast Connect. As with using a Chromecast HDMI dongle, you can stream YouTube content directly from your smartphone to your TV.

To be able to install the application update, you must have Android 10 for Android TV. According to 9to5Google, the deployment of 2.12.08 of the YouTube application is gradual. At first, Google will offer the firmware on a limited number of terminals. In a second step, the update will be deployed on a large scale. To check if the update is already available, simply go to the Google Play Store in the section dedicated to applications already installed. Have you already been able to install the update? We are waiting for your feedback in the comments.

Source: 9To5Google