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Your smartphone is more likely to be lost than stolen

You take the metro, and your only fear is that your smartphone will be stolen? When an announcement announcing the presence of pickpocket sounds, it is best to store your iPhone, but the point is, you are much more likely to lose it yourself than you will be robbed.

According to data Prey, a company specializing in the protection of technological devices, it is much more likely that your smartphone will be lost rather than stolen. The survey is based on the main reasons why users use the application Prey, which allows you to find your phone thanks to the location. A little like Find my iPhone, but further.

smartphone theft - Your smartphone is more likely to be lost than stolen

According to the report, therefore, 69.12% of people say they have lost their iPhone. Some forget it at home, others at work. In only 10.98% of cases, it is indeed theft that drives the use of the application: pickpocketing, theft from home, car theft and theft from work are the main crimes reported.

Among the funniest oversights put forward by Prey, we find the case of a drunk man who forgot his smartphone in his fridge; a college professor who stole one of his students’ smartphones; and an individual who threw his neighbor’s phone over his fence because he was angry with him.