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your iPhone is no longer guaranteed? Buy a new model!

The brand with the crunchy apple is currently facing an unprecedented situation: its new iPhones are not meeting the expected success and sales are down 15% over the year.

iPhone XR

To boost its sales, the brand has therefore not hesitated to engage in some previously untapped practices: temporary reductions, a slightly more advantageous exchange program …

Some users with old iPhones have even received notifications inviting them to change models for a newer … And now it is the technicians of Apple repair centers who are invited to promote the iPhone XS and XR .

A memo was sent to these technicians to encourage them to take the lead with customers who bring an iPhone to repair that is no longer under warranty. There, technicians should adapt their speech to redirect users towards the purchase of a new smartphone rather than investing in the repair of their old model. Scales would even be applicable to allow the purchase of the broken iPhone in exchange for a voucher to be used on a new terminal.

In order for the message to be more effective, it is recommended that technicians highlight the iPhone XR, which by default is the most accessible terminal with a starting price of € 855.