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Your Huawei soon deprived of Google apps? Go under Aptoide!

If you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone, do not panic, you will not find yourself without Android applications. The solution: switch to Aptoide.

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Have you just broken your piggy bank for a Huawei or Honor smartphone? And necessarily worry about the recent setbacks of your favorite manufacturer with Google? Among other things, the loss of the Google Play Store and its security updates. Rest assured though: there are alternatives to the Google Store. The most qualified is called Aptoide.

What is Aptoide?

Created ten years ago, Aptoide is an alternative market to the Play Store offering, like it, applications and mobile games running on the Android operating system. To date, it has a catalog of 900,000 apps, which is constantly evolving. There are also the same hits as on Google Play (PUBG, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Waze, Spotify…). As well as apps available without restriction related to your geolocation!

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Very popular, it has just over 200 million users worldwide. Benefits that have not failed to seduce the Chinese manufacturer, looking for a new marketplace for its Western customers. Logically, Huawei and Aptoide are currently in talks.

And is it legal? What am I risking ?

Aptoide is a market that wants to be legal. Shared mobile applications and games are directly integrated by their developers. On the other hand, each program deposited is actively checked, validated or rejected by the community of developers and regular users. This makes it one of the safest alternative stores in the Android ecosystem.

Obviously, zero risk does not exist and we advise you to read the description and the opinions of an application before downloading it. Similarly, remember to scan the latter after installation with an application like MalwareBytes or Mobile Security & Antivirus. They will help you spot any malicious program.

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How do I install Aptoide on my smartphone?

If you want to test Aptoide without waiting for possible agreements with Huawei, here is the method to follow. Know that it will not be necessary to root your phone (good news!)

  • First of all, consider allowing the installation of applications outside the Play Store on your smartphone. Go to Settings, select “Security” then check “Unknown sources”. You will deactivate this function again after installing Aptoide.
  • Then use your mobile browser to go to the official Aptoide website.
  • Press the “Install Aptoide” button. Your device will then download an APK file.
  • At the end of the installation, you will receive a notification. Tap on it and confirm the installation of the application.
  • All you have to do is launch Aptoide and find your first applications to download.

How to download applications via Aptoide?

You are not likely to be disoriented: Aptoide offers more or less the same interface as the Play Store. From reception, you will therefore have access to several categories to help you make your choice:

  • Latest applications
  • Most downloaded locally
  • Trendy applications
  • Aptoide recommends
  • Don’t miss these apps
  • Several thematic focus depending on the news (examples: Game of Thrones apps, Star Wars, Marvel…)
  • The best developer shops
aptoide GOT applications

If you do not find your happiness directly, a search engine is available. Type the name of the application you are looking for. Once on the application page, tap the green “Download” button to install it on your smartphone. Nothing’s easier !

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