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Your data is exploited, is it your interest?

Your data is exploited, is it your interest?

Even if you do not have a great knowledge of computers, you know how the majority of technology companies and websites arrive (sometimes as well as they can) to finance themselves: thanks to advertising. The problem is that this small world tends to interest your private data and we would like to know what you think of this subject.

The subject is not new, our various writers have expressed themselves several times on the theme of the exploitation of private data. Today, we would like to know what you think. Before we get interested in the survey, let's look at the situation.

A business model based on target advertising

Have you ever wondered how it is possible that so much is free on the internet? You can have free email addresses on Gmail, spend your days chatting on Facebook without paying anything, you can go to renowned sites and read quality articles … And all for free! In reality, the explanation is simple, it is not free.

androidpit money cash 2
Yes, the "free" is a lot of money! AndroidPIT

Of course, you do not give money directly but you give something else: your data. Your name, your name, your email address, the way you use the service are just some of the details you can give. Businesses, on the other hand, make you accept conditions (which you probably never read) that explain what they do with the data they get (selling the email address, targeting advertising etc.). Note that each company / site / service can use different data depending on its nature, Facebook is interested for example in the "I like" that you give, something that is obviously impossible on a website since this feature does not exist just not.

Most of the time, the sites or services in question sell the data obtained from the companies that will be responsible for displaying ads. This is where the concept of target advertising comes in: the more you are interested in advertising, the more likely you are to click on it. For this reason, they try to obtain as much information as possible in order to have the most accurate information possible, which makes it possible to target the publicity more.

google kraken
Step 1: attract a lot of users. Step 2: Make yourself indispensable to be used a lot. Step 3: Count the profits. Paper Street Design / shutterstock / ANDROIDPIT

So, when you're looking for a picture of the new iPhone on the Google search engine, he understands that the subject interests you. Therefore, it will probably offer you offers related to this iPhone, Apple or other smartphones.

Many people (and the European Union) do not like the idea that a company can get as much information about us. Facebook had even wanted to know users better than themselves, which is certainly a technical feat, but from another perspective it is quite disturbing. So it is in this context that we would like to know if you see a problem that Facebook, Google and all companies operating under this model, regardless of their size, collect and use information about you.

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