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You will resume a little "Tethering"?

Functionality “Tethering” allowing to pair your iPhone with your computer (to connect to the Internet via a link Bluetooth or USB, note) had unfortunately disappeared since the arrival of iPhone OS 3.1. One can imagine that Apple would have ruined a possible "pressure" by operators who do not want this feature, specific to the iPhone, not to be used -without control- on their own networks. These operators certainly prefer to market their 3G keys and therefore to be able to follow more closely the experiences of users who are emerging …

In short, users of the “Tethering” have seen themselves deprived of this very interesting functionality!

Fortunately for them, the jailbreak exists and allows present via a simple manipulation to find this functionality which gives a certain added value to the iPhone especially if the latter is 3G!

Find this manipulation on the forum

Please note, only accessible to iPhone jailbreak users.

(Thank you iRem for the tutorial)