You know that you're an Android fan when ...

You know that you're an Android fan when …

What are you doing in high-tech? Speed, technological innovations and mobiles. For you, Android has no secrets. Besides, being an Android fan is more than a passion. You respect his story. You like his features. You look forward to all the news of the moment. Between fans, you recognize yourself because you know that you are an Android fan when …

… when you turn on your Android before you wake up.

… when you know that you do not need to spend 1000 euros to have all the features that a smartphone offers.

… when your phone is root.

… when you do not complain about what a smartphone can not do.

… when you know what a launcher is.

smart launcher pro hero
Ah, the launchers! One of the joys of Android! AndroidPIT

… when you have a huge choice for any budget.

… when you post a comment with an Android smartphone (or tablet)

… when you laugh when you see someone with an iPhone.

… when you do not queue in front of a store for a smartphone.

… when you're tired of repeating that an Android smartphone does not catch a virus.

android sicherheit teaser
An Android smartphone is no more likely to catch a virus than another smartphone. AndroidPIT

… when you think that open-source has more future.

… when you have a Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Chromecast.

… when you bought a Bugdroid to decorate your apartment.

… when you can not survive without Android.

… when you forget to eat because you play on your Android.

android 60 marshmallow hero devil 1
Two little bugdroids perfect to decorate your living room. AndroidPIT

… when you take Google Now for your friend.

… when you know that if Android had never existed the world would be populated only by terrible Apple fanboys.

… when you do not like Windows Phone.

… when you have to explain that Samsung is not the only manufacturer of Android phones.

… when when someone asks a question you say: Google is your friend.

androidpit android devices 5
Android offers a multitude of choices for all tastes and budgets. AndroidPIT

when you can change the battery or add a microSD card

… when you have to explain what Android is around you.

… when you do not need to use iTunes to transfer files.

… when we have already called on you to repair a smartphone.

… when you do not own any Apple device.

… when you have already watched the trailer of a movie by telling you I know this smartphone.

… when you have to explain the difference with iOS.

… when you play AndroidPIT every day.

And you, you know that you're an Android fan when ….

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