You can now follow (for free) Amazon Machine Learning courses

You can now follow (for free) Amazon Machine Learning courses

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of technology? This is a long debate that we have already begun through various articles, but what is certain is that it is a very promising sector in terms of both technology and employment. How about having free classes?

Dear developers, you will probably enjoy this news: Amazon offers its own Machine Learning courses for free. As you may have seen in our article on computer science, Artificial Intelligence is slowly building up its place in business, but right now there is not much real academic training that is truly professional. No problem for technology gloves: they created their own trainings for their developers.

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Will AI eventually replace humans? metamorworks / Shutterstock

Amazon announced today that its own training – designed not only for developers but also for data managers, engineers and salespeople – is now available free of charge. These courses allow developers to "explore Machine Learning through fun problems that have been solved by Amazon". A total of 30 courses – originally reserved for employees – can be read and you can even pass a certification, which will not be free. Note that for the moment it is only in beta version.

Perhaps Amazon is looking to improve its image after the various scandals that have fallen on it, but if the intention is debatable, the facts are: free courses allow developers to get a better idea about Machine Learning .

Do you think that Amazon is right to offer his classes for free?

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