You can now create your own GIF using Google Gboard

We all know very well that in January of this year, the tech giant Google implemented the GIF-making functionality on its keyboard for iOS. However, now according to the latest reports you can now create your own GIF using Google Gboard.

You can now create your own GIF using Google Gboard

In January of this year, the tech giant Google implemented the GIF creation feature on its keyboard for iOS.

After a few months, this feature finally arrives on Android smartphones, and maybe already tested in the current beta version of Gboard.

Nowadays, for Android and iOS, there are a growing number of keyboards that allow you to personalize the user’s writing experience, both in appearance and in smart functionality.

Tech giant Google has kept its focus on this market for both mobile operating systems from the start and has tried to find a solution that is as reliable, comprehensive and personalized as possible.

The news that GBoard brings

Once in January, the tech giant Google introduced the ability to create GIFs on its iOS keyboard, therefore, now the tech giant Google will also introduce Android smartphone users. To use this new feature, you must have the beta version of Gboard installed on your mobile device at the moment.

Creating a GIF file on a Google keyboard

To create your new GIF, start a conversation in any messaging app and open the insert visual content option, followed by the GIF tab, and finally the My GIF tab.

Allow the permissions to capture and store images on the keyboard and, thanks to the camera app, which will open, capture your moving image.

In the capture, options are available to complete the capture of your image and thus make it more attractive.

Then just choose the image you saved, which will be available in the My GIFs tab, and send it to your contact.

This is a feature that some Android users have been waiting for some time, which is now finally implemented in the test versions of the Google keyboard.

For now, it is in the beta version and soon it should be available in the final version too, so that everyone can use it.

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