YggTorrent: the pirate site changes address and becomes YggTorrent.si

YggTorrent has once again to change address. The torrent pirate site has indeed just opted for a new domain name based in Slovenian (.si) following the confiscation of their .ws domain name by their Registrar Tucows.

yggtorrent change address

Yggtorrent is regularly blocked by French ISPs, but also by Google, which often removes hundreds of pages from the site from its search engine. Or, as recently, because their Registrar, Tucows, decided to confiscate their domain name without further details. As always, the administrators’ parade is to change address. This is again the case since December 2, 2019: Yggtorrent has moved again, and this time it’s headed for Sweden!

YggTorrent: the illegal download site has again moved to another domain name

If you are a user of the site, you have probably already noticed that the site is inaccessible via the “.ws” extension corresponding to a domain in Samoa. But now you have to go directly to Yggtorrent.si to connect to it. The change was made official on the site’s official twitter count, so despite this change of address, Yggtorrent remains the same site with the same interface as well as the same user accounts. However, as the domain name was unilaterally suspended by Tucows, Yggtorrent no longer has control over it. And it was therefore not possible to configure an automatic redirection to reassure Internet users.

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As a reminder, the illegal download site uses the BitTorrent protocol for sharing music, movies or series. The platform took up the torch from T411 in 2017 and has had to face several challenges since. Belgium for its part, for example blocked YggTorrent in the past. In December 2017, YggTorrent changed its interface to be able to be back on Google search results. T411 also used a similar method to avoid blockages set up by internet service providers at the request of the courts. It is recalled that illegally downloading content protected by copyright is prohibited by law.