Yezz exhibits a modular smartphone

The smartphone, it’s sort of like an à la carte mobile terminal, with the ability to have the basic applications and install others as needed. A GPS navigation app for those who travel a lot, a jogging app for running enthusiasts or a daily newspaper app for those who want to kill time on public transport, for example.

Yezz Ara 02

Some wanted to push the concept even further. This is how the Macaw Project, which results in a modular smartphone, with the different interchangeable elements as required of the user. A better camera and a bigger battery for going on vacation or a more powerful speaker and a flashlight for the barbecue party, for example. Not to mention the specific modules that could be developed to cover areas such as home automation, video games or health.

Yezz Mobile Macaw Project The prototype modular smartphone presented on the Yezz stand (click to enlarge)

From the idea, we will soon move on to the consumer product. After the demo videos distilled on the Web, it is a preview which was indeed offered on the Yezz stand at the MWC show in Barcelona. The firm intends to offer its modular smartphone by the end of the year for a test phase, with a large-scale commercialization at the end of it.

Yezz Ara 01

If the modular smartphone sounds like the end of planned obsolescence, it also promises to be a juicy business for those who will embark on the design and sale of the different modules.